how do i make my mountain bike suspension forks bouncy???

ive just been bought a dirt/jump bike for my birthday and im using it for dirt jumping and freeriding and the suspension forks are very stiff and i want to know haow to make them bouncy ..... can anyone help ?

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4 Responses to “how do i make my mountain bike suspension forks bouncy???”

  • MTBIKR [ 02Jul10]

    First new forks tend to be stiff till broken-in. (10 or more hours of good riding might be required)
    Next you don’t mention what type of fork.
    High-end models have a lot of adjustments, low buck stuff you are probably stuck with what you got except for some preload adjustments. (preload doesn’t make a fork more or less bouncy)
    If you have a top of the line fork it will have damping adjustments, then you can make it as bouncy or as stiff as you please by adjusting the compression and rebound settings.
    You can check your owners manual or go to the manufactures web site and see if the offer any kits for your fork.

  • mtbwacky [ 02Jul10]

    If you mean softer by "bouncy", you may be too light for the stock springs. Take all the pre-load off the spring and turn the compression damping down. That will make is as soft as it can be. Otherwise you’ll need to buy lighter springs.
    If you mean quicker return by "bouncy", then turn the rebound damping down.
    You should be able to figure this all out by reading the shock owner’s manual, or got on the manufacturer’s website. Or take it to the shop where you got it.
    Happy jumping.

  • poozank [ 02Jul10]

    turn the preload twards the minus sign besides you want a stiff fork for jumping

  • Martin [ 02Jul10]

    turning the preload down wont do anything, the preload only changes where the fork sits when your on the bike. adjust the compression dampening down to soften the springs, if you run out of adjustment then you’ll need new (lighter rate) springs. the rebound does as the name suggests so if you do turn the compression down, turn the rebound up to stop the forks "packing down" on multiple hits. i could go on forever, if u require further assistance then please do not hesitate to contact me.


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